Thinking Outside the Box

This kind soul that has been a part of The Father’s Heart Street Ministry for many years. His reputation of positivity and gratefulness is contagious.  Living as a paraplegic caused from diabetes he continues to express kindness and appreciation.

We hadn’t seen him in a while, when he came through our doors to enjoy a meal. He conveyed that he had been in and out of the hospital with an infection.  On this particular day,  he was looking jaundice.  He requested help with getting to the hospital, but denied ambulance transport because he would be without his electric wheel chair with him to the hospital.

By thinking “outside the box”, we remembered that Oregon City’s had a Connector Shuttle.  We were on it’s hourly route and we knew they had a lift for the wheel chair. Our friend came out to the curb while we waited together for the shuttle.  Within a few minutes the shuttle was flagged down. We explained that transportation  to the hospital was needed. The shuttle driver lowered the platform for our friend to board the shuttle and was taken to the hospital where he could receive the care he deserved.