The Cost of Choices

A few months ago, we received laptops to use for educational purposes.  We will be using them for the classes we will be offering our guests soon. Classes on budgeting, rent well, building a resume, and even classes on how to use a computer will be offered.

Recently, our Director of Housing was able to meet with one of our guests that is in our transitional housing. She showed him the public records sight.  It was his first time seeing this site. In some ways, it aided in a trip down memory lane.  In others ways it was very educational.  He was able to see the costs of choices and circumstances of his past.  It was also a record of his past that others could see.

This guest was at a turning point in his life.  He was given the gift of time to think and make plans while living in transitional housing.  With the help of our Director of Housing, he applied for an appointment.  His application was accepted and he be moving into his new home soon. We are excited for his future!