Prayer through Relationship

The Father’s Heart is a faith-based nonprofit.  It’s not uncommon to see prayer.  We pray a prayer of thanksgiving over our meals.  We pray for people on their way to job interviews.  We pray for encouragement and opportunities.  We pray for our surrounding neighbors, police officers, businesses, city and county commissioners, the local Church and for our guests with special needs.

This picture is a beautiful display of what can happen through loving, caring relationships.  Here we have a volunteer and guest praying for our office manager that suffers with back pain. Compassion goes both ways. Giving of yourself is healing.  What you cannot notice in this picture is that our guest that is praying is legally blind.

He’s asks often is there anyway for him to volunteer with being visually impaired.  Today I told him he found his way.  Praying for others is one of the best way to volunteer.