Many Tries

Sometimes change takes more than one or two tries.  Sometimes it takes many tries.  So is the case of so many we serve.  This is why it’s so important for someone to have a place to come back to and try again.  This is why judgement must be reserved and open, loving arms must be extended.

Today, I was messaged from a guest.  They were inquiring if I had given up on them.  Many in the past probably had.  I reassured them that I had not given up on them.  I was also so glad to see that I was still approachable. “I will never give up on you!”, I texted.  “I will wait until I see you enjoy the life that God meant for you to live.”

Later, this afternoon, I was greeted by someone that we had reached out to over and over.  She was showing what clean and sober for a couple of weeks looked like on her.  It looked so good; really good.  Completely different person good! She had disappeared to get clean and sober.  I thought there was a good chance I would never see her again…but I was so wrong.  Never been so glad to be wrong.

Relationship built on trust is so important.  It gives you permission to say the difficult things a person needs to hear. It gives the person that is repeatedly “getting it wrong” another chance to “get it right.”

Don’t give up on the hurting and the broken.  It may be hard to watch them finally hit bottom, but so good to be there when they want help getting up.