Look what the Father is doing…

February 3, 2021

When someone knows that you really care about them, that you really love them… it gives you permission to speak into their lives difficult things that need to be heard.  Today, the word “choices” kept coming up in our conversations.  Some of our guests made choices to receive help and guidance in steps forward to finding housing and some still made choices to do it on their own.  In either case, we are planting seeds in their hearts…giving them things to think about.  What we have seen time and time again is a change of heart. From bad choices to good choices, from woundedness to wholeness, from hopelessness to hope and from familiar to unfamiliar; this is what we see when a person knows you care about them in their poor choices.

Good choices are also contagious.  We know that once certain good choices made by peers are observed by other peers, it gives strength to others to make difficult changes.  Today, we were able to place two more of our guests in hotels during the winter.  While in their hotel, catching up on much needed rest, they will receive help with much needed resources to move forward into sustainable housing.  They will receive help with IDs, OHP, and scheduling health appointments.  Some will have the opportunity to take of their mental health.  Others, that have disabilities that prevent them from working will receive help with receiving SSDI.

Thank you for support us in giving hope through Jesus and planting the seed that everyone is valuable.  As we build trust with our guests, it’s wonderful to see the shame that comes with living unsheltered start to fall away and the hope of living not only sheltered, but becoming self-sufficient by overcoming barriers of the past that have prevented living inside.