Look what the Father is doing…

January 28, 2021

The last three days have been amazing! Yesterday, we served over 148 meals!  We are also bringing meals to our guests that have been vouchered into hotels.  We believe healthy relationships are key for our guests to be able to transition into housing successfully.  We are doing more case management than ever before.  Through our relationship with our guests we are seeing trust being built.  When that trust is built, it is easier for someone to look into what their next steps would be.

There are many living on the streets that have been promised things and people have not followed through.  Recently, I inquired with one of guests about getting off the streets.  His first response was “I tried and the things I was told never panned out.”  “Let us help you.  We love you and want to walk with you.”

He smiled and told me that he would be okay.  As he walked out, I wondered how many others feel the same.  Many are so full of shame and disappointment that they no longer feel they deserve to be housed.

I am happy to say that this guest returned and made an appointment to discuss how we could help him take the next steps to get off the streets and in his own place.  He trusted us.  That’s huge! And we are so glad!