Look what the Father is doing…


Sometimes, at the Father’s Heart, we are helping people return to their families.  It can look like someone coming out for a job opportunity that fell through.  They are living in their carl and have no way to return to where they have support.  Other times, it may be someone who has lost their employment and all their family support is far away and they just need to get there.

Yesterday, just by being able to provide a phone to call Dad, we were able to help a youth return to his home out of state.  He came out with friends.  Got into some trouble.  Friends left him behind.  He showed up at The Father’s Heart on a Monday, when we were closed.  I gave him some food and told him to come back tomorrow so we can see how to get you back home.

He returned the next day.  While he was eating his meal, we had a chance to talk.  He made it clear that he had family waiting to receive him.  He just needed to call them and make arrangements.  Soon after, he called his Dad and a bus ticket home was arranged.  We were able to get him a bus ticket to the Greyhound station and on his way home.

Sometimes, we are the answer to a mom and dad’s prayers.  We were so grateful to be a safe place for this young man to get redirected back to the support of a loving family.