Look what the Father is doing…

Living on the streets is difficult enough on your own.  It’s an entirely different situation with a younger sibling joins you on the same streets.  The worry and stress is doubled and it takes even more courage to make a positive change when you think there’s a strong chance your sibling will not follow you into your good choice.

I saw the worry in his eyes.  He finally had the courage to get help with his addiction and get into recovery, but he was worried about leaving his brother behind.  He encouraged his brother to talk to someone at “Father’s”.  Hoping that they could convince him to get off the streets as well.  “Stubbornness runs in the family.  I just don’t think he will come with me.”

“Don’t worry. Maybe he will follow you.  Most people don’t want to take the advice of someone that has already been further down the road of homelessness than they have.  They don’t see all that you’ve had to endure.  But I’ve seen our case worker do some amazing things.  She listens.  She understands.  She’s been there and she makes sense.  Don’t lose hope.”

Just minutes after the conversation, the brother comes out to say “I have an appointment.  I’m going with you.”

There was a huge smile and tear filled eyes.  It was the grace, love and trust that can only come through relationships.  The relationship of brothers and the relationship with The Father’s Heart.  We are seeing the fruit of seeds planted over a long time.  We are better together.