Look what the Father is doing…

April 30, 2021

We have been blessed for many years to have Dr. Bob Sayson and the footcare nurse team come on the 2nd Friday of every month. Our guests have trusted Dr. Bob with their medical concerns.  They have been very fond of him. In addition to his wonderful services, we recently have been blessed  with the doctors from Holy Family Catholic Clinic to come every Friday to our facility.  This is a huge blessing for many reasons.

One reason is more people will be reached due to availability.  The second reason would be even more people will be kept from going straight to emergency care.  In fact, the doctors from Holy Family Catholic Clinic are looking to become the primary care doctors of our guests.  The third reason this is such a huge blessing is that we have witnessed the miracle that we have been praying for more many years.  That miracle is watching people in desperate need of seeing a doctor, but afraid to go to an office have been seen at The Father’s Heart.

There is a sacred trust that happens at The Father’s Heart.  Today we witnessed someone we have tried to persuade to see a doctor for at least 4 years, but he would not go to an appointment in an office.  Today, he came in to eat.  One of our volunteers new we have been hoping to get him to see a doctor on Friday.  She gently told him that the doctor was here and that she would gladly warm up his lunch for him when he returned.  He agreed to see the doctor!

After seeing our doctor, he was advised to go to the hospital.  We transported him to the hospital ourselves to sustain the trust that was placed in us. One of our staff is with him for support.  This is our miracle.