Look what the Father is doing…

Friday, 2/26/21

Today I want to feature just one person that came through our doors. She came newly from jail, pregnant and held in her hand a list of all that she needed. On her list was a jacket, underwear, socks, pants, top, shoes and more.  She came to pick up her mail and a phone that was sent to her.

When I was given her list of needs, it gave me so much joy to tell her that we had everything she needed on her list.  I could she was preparing herself to see what she would be denied.  I smiled and told her, “You did it!  You came here during the hours we are open.  (She was known for coming hours after we were closed and being a bit demanding.)  “I’m so proud of you!  You came at the right time and I can give you everything on your list!”

She wasn’t sure what to say.  She was shocked.  She knew that she had not been very respectful in times past.  She immediately looked at me and said, “I’m sorry for the way I treated you before.” “I’m just glad to see you during hours that we are open.  Just glad to see you.”

Sometimes, boundaries are a way to give back respect and encouragement.  Sometimes, we fall into the trap of not believing we are capable of doing anything right.  We’ve been told for so long the different ways we don’t measure up, or we don’t have what it takes.  Then comes an opportunity to plant the seed that says “I see you.  I know you can do this.  I see it in you.”  Then comes the opportunity to change “the tapes” that play in someone’s head over and over; the lies they’ve been told or believed. “You’re always late!  You never follow through!  Can’t you do anything right?”  The new tape can replace the old with “You did it!  I knew you would come through! You did the right thing even under difficult circumstances!”

“The tongue has the power of life and death.” Proverbs 18:21  Speak Life!