I Just Want to Thank You

October 21, 2021

“Robin, I just want to thank you.  This is only my third day, and your amazing case worker has a clean and sober place for me to go!”  She began to tell me that she wanted to cry because she was so happy to be heard and helped so quickly.  “Most places put you on a list and then you don’t hear back from them.”

She was so excited she had to tell the ladies in the kitchen how she had been helped.  Her excitement was contagious as I saw other guests listen to her tell me her story. She was excited to be getting help.  She was excited to be making a difficult but necessary change.

Our guest began to tell me how she had been in clean and sober living that had become “sick”.  This happens sometimes in the best of recovery homes.  Influence can be caught for the good or the “not so good”.  She didn’t hold a grudge, she just wanted to get back on track as soon as possible.  Living in her car with her dog was not what she wanted in life for herself.

It’s so wonderful to watch people that are ready to make a change and not have to wait on us for weeks.  At The Father’s Heart we work hard to bring immediate solutions when possible.