I Just Want to Go Home

October 20, 2021

After many avenues of reaching out, we are happy to say that one of our seniors that has been displaced in Oregon City, is returning to his family in Washington.  This could only have happened with patience, understanding and looking for windows of opportunity in conversations.  This individual had neglected mental health needs while lost and living on the streets.

One day he hung his head and said, “I just want to go home.”  The cry for help was heard by our onsite case manager.  And the conversations began to grow into a path to get back home.

Most days, our guest would come in peaceful and quiet.  Usually his was seeking a nap and once I even was asked to play a game with him.  (He won.  Twice!)  Naps, meals and showers were his routine. Occasionally he would be triggered by something and begin to shout.

As we got to know our guest better, our on site case manager began to find out about family members to reach out to.  One of the family members had been wondering where he had been. It was soon discovered that all his resources were waiting for him in Washington.  So, a plan was made and now he is on his way to supportive family, resources for his own place and programs for support.

Once again, by building relationship in a safe and peaceful place, we were able to go further than providing shelter, food and clothing for the day.  We were able to help a senior return to where he called home.