A Typical Friday

Friday, September 24, 2021

It’s a typical Friday at The Father’s Heart.  Feeding the hungry wonderful meals in our indoor dining.  Providing take-out food as well.  Then there are those receiving showers with fresh clean clothes provided in exchange for clothes that have sometimes been worn for weeks.  Some are enjoying catching up on much needed sleeps on our mats.  All of it is wonderful to be able to provide.

We now have a “new typical” Friday.  In addition to our previous services, we have a doctor providing much needed care, medical advice and referrals.  Today, we have many taking advantage of this service.  One guest that knew about this service we provide, came to see the doctor on her break from work.  She explained that her boss was covering for her so she could see the doctor. Another guest arrived early to make sure she could see the doctor before her next appointment.

I checked in with one of our guests.  Asked him how he was doing.  He explained that he had received notice to move his “camp”.  He told me “I’m doing ok, I guess.”  I asked him if he had ever met with our onsite case manager.  He had not.  In fact, when I suggested he meet with him I was able to plant the seed that he deserved better.  That we cared about him and wanted God’s best for him.

Thankfully, our guest met with our case manager.  He is now on his way to a re-entry program that will not only give him shelter and food.  They will also provide him with employment.  All of this is possible because of the time we take to understand the different circumstances each guest is facing.  Listening and providing a peaceful, safe place are key.