A Broken Man

Over 22 years ago, a divorce left Daniel devastated. Soon he lost his job and the opportunities to see his children. “It broke me as a man.”, he would tell you. His weight gain became out of control.  It was a doctor that told him his weight had reached 350 lbs. He no longer wanted to see himself in the mirror.  He was ashamed of his appearance and the life he was now living on the streets. At one point, because of a bad hip, he actually stayed sitting in one spot for 3 days. He no longer had a walker and was unable to move.

After the loss of family and home he met some Christians that shared the love of God with him and also encouraged him to start journaling.  Journaling was a tool that began to turn his life around. He was taught to write down three things that he would do that day, to write down his emotions and at the end of the day to look to see if he had done his “three things”.

“At first, it was hard to write…period.  Overtime, I saw my spelling improve and even my penmanship. It also became a way for me to keep myself accountable, since I had no one in my life.”  He began to write in his journal that he would take a walk for one of his “to-do’s” on his list.  He began to walk regularly and lost 220 lbs.!

Daniel would tell you that the hardest part of living unsheltered on the streets was being overlooked.  People passing by, seeing that he was in distress and not stopping to help.  Feeling invisible became common place and the few that did see him, would tell him to leave the neighborhood.

The biggest adjustment of being inside his first apartment in over 22 years is the noise level.  He is not used to neighbors or being “boxed in” with walls on every side.  It’s quite the adjustment, but a welcomed one.  He has health concerns, so being inside is very important to recover. He plans on encouraging as many people as possible the importance of journaling. “It will help your mental health, your emotions and help you see the things in life that you need to let go.”

The Father’s Heart is a 501 3(c) faith-based, compassion ministry reaching those that have experienced significant trauma and loss and making individual resources available.  Our Day Center is where trust and loving-kindness are found.  Through these relationships lives are being impacted with hope and courage to begin a live with hope and promise.