Look what the Father is doing…

September 8, 2021

He walks through the doors of The Father’s Heart for the first time.  Hopeless and afraid, he gets enough courage to check us out.  He’s greeted with a masked smile and welcomed to get something to eat and sit in a quite safe place.

Our case worker for the day reaches out to him and in a little while he begins to open up. “I’ve lost everything. I’ve lost my kids…my job. Everything.” The two talk a little further and mental health concerns are discussed. A referral is made to Mental Health services and a plan is started.

Once again, hope is given through listening, immediate needs being recognized and services given with compassion.  “Thank you.  This is a great place.  So glad I came in.”

At The Father’s Heart, we believe in serving individuals.  Each person needs to be heard, given time to process, and afforded the time for trust to be built.  For some, the trauma they have experienced makes it very difficult to trust anyone.  For others, it’s supportive prayer and guidance for their next steps.  There is no “one size fits all” solution.