Look what the Father’s doing…


August 12, 2021

He came today.  His hair was matted, clothes stained and dirty. We replaced his clothes from our regular donations that come in. But then he showed me his shoes.  They appeared fine on the top, they looked comfortable. Then he showed me the bottom of the shoes…no soles…just the inside lining.
He came today of all days.  He didn’t know that we were low on men’s shoes. I had forgotten that earlier a brand new pair of shoes, just as the ones in this picture, had come in the mail yesterday.  They were even his size! Coincident? I think not!
We’ve been low on volunteers too.  The delayed rippling effects of COVID have drastically changed our volunteer pool.  People still get sick, or change employment, or grandparents have had to quit volunteering to care for their grandkids because child care is no longer available.  Just yesterday, a volunteer called out the morning before we opened. Just minutes after I told our receptionist that I wasn’t sure how we were going to operate with full services, the phone rings! “Do you need any help today?” Words we love to hear.  Within a few minutes that spot was filled and full services were offered.
That’s what happens… A LOT.  We laugh at the goodness of our God.  We get to observe his timely provision often.